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Challenge Statement


"Utilities have an obligation to provide safe, affordable, reliable energy to all. We believe the time has come to expand the traditional compact in the utility sector to include clean energy and new perspectives on equity.


We must consider the impacts on the grid, the traditional utility business
model, and customers, especially around affordability and access. Particular attention is needed to ensure that at-risk customers share the benefits of the transition to a clean energy economy.


It is critically important that we get the right balance. Please join us in the Equity in the Clean Energy Economy (ECEE) Collaborative."

- Jamie Wimberly, CEO, DEFG

The ECEE Launch

This new collaborative will include a wide range of stakeholders in order to give voice to many perspectives. An ongoing stream of research will facilitate discussion.

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At-Risk Customers - Their Daily Realities

Lack of access to computers/broadband, discrimination, lack of transportation and resources, unemployment, and poor living conditions are among the few trials customers face.

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ECEE Principles



Improving universal access, including clean energy

Ensuring inclusion in strategy/decisions

(procedural equity)

Ensuring fair division of costs and benefits (distributive equity)



Significantly reducing carbon
emissions and other pollutants 

Adapting to & mitigating
negative climate change

Promoting sustainable
approaches to serving at-risk customers



Keeping the lights on
and maintaining power quality

Adapting grid for distributed
generation and smart tech

Providing greater resiliency
for vulnerable communities 



Lowering energy burden on
at-risk customers

Providing greater access to
financing and consumer credit

Evaluating clean energy
investments on rates and rate design

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